Fastest Way to start Building Wealth!

3 min readMar 11, 2023

In my humble opinion the fastest way to start building wealth is doing what your doing now. Read as much content as you possibly can on a daily basis and mimic on a smaller level what it takes. Execution is a big Part of Building Wealth.

Example: We know Warren Buffet Built Wealth Investing in Stocks (this means open up a Brokerage Account and start accumulating Stocks). Not just any stocks but read the books he read. Watch his interviews on what he looks for when investing in Stocks.


  • Read a book or take a online course about Taxes, Real Estate Investing, & Insurance. Start there!
  • These Topics alone will start putting you in rooms with people with similar interests and knowledge to share.

My Wealth Journey started through business development. This means you can start a business and read all of our articles about Wealth!

I promise you!!! Study those who have what you have and you will slowly begin to accumulate what they have. Its no Magic Pill! Building Wealth is a Life Long Process. The average Millionaire is in their 50s/60s not 22 on Youtube driving a Ferrari!


Read 6 Articles on Wealth and watch 6 Videos on Youtube in a Row about Money & Wealth. I PROMISE YOU…The Path to Wealth will become a lot easier, NOT EASY….but a lot easier.

Think of it like driving a Car…It becomes a lot easier, when you read the Drivers Manual and talk to people that already have their Drivers License.

You want a Ferrari like the picture above. Start Following youtubers, social media, and etc. with people who own Ferraris.

  • Buy a Camera and start taking Pictures of People that own Ferraris
  • Join Ferrari Reddit Groups
  • Join Ferrari Mailing Lists

Wealth works the EXACT same way. When you have the knowledge and the NetWork, having access to a Ferrari becomes a lot easier. Same way with Wealth!

I tell People in a very simple answer that ask for advice! If you want to build Wealth and have more money its this simple:


That’s just what it is! Its no shortcuts! Rich is different than WEALTH! Wealth is something that can be passed from generations.

You never heard of GET WEALTH QUICK SCHEMES and if you have…you need to change who you talk to.

The First thing about Building Wealth you must understand is that IT STARTS IN THE MIND…This means you must start the process that it actually takes to build Wealth.

Its no tricks, its no 1 course you can take. Its a combination of Habits, Investments, and Conscious Decisions that have a direct effect on your future. Many People say they want money but if you really got $100,000 how would you spend it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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