Building Wealth with $10,000!

This article is pretty simple and str8 forward! The path to Wealth is a lifetime process. People get rich all the time and die with nothing!

Wealth can be passed on after your death! There are several Investments you can make with $10,000.

Investment List (with $10,000):

  • Credit Repair Service (Est. $500)
  • Wealth Certification (Est. $1500)
  • A Passport (Est. $300)
  • Books about Money, Finance, Wealth ($200)
  • Land ($6,000)
  • Setup a Land Trust to put Land in ($500)
  • Setup LLC to be Administrator of Trust ($500)
  • Take Series 65 Exam/Buy Study Manual ($500)
  • Take Licensed Enrolled Agent Exam/Buy Study Guide($500)
  • Setup a Term Life Insurance pay off for a year ($500)
  • Online Courses to learn a New Skill (Free)

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