How to Start Building Wealth in 30 days in 2023!!

2 min readMar 11, 2023

This is the part that is completely up to you. The first thing you must understand is building wealth is a lifelong process. You can start the process of Building wealth with $5 buy purchasing a Stock. This is why I always say Building Wealth is a Process.

Your Death will be the final product of a lifelong of building wealth.

Here are Direct ways to Start Building Wealth within 30 days:

Download your Bank Statements

  • Identify what costs the most and cut it in half or eliminate completely
  • If its rent (move, get a roommate, airbnb your couch, move in with your parents)
  • A Car Payment (try to refinance it, let them repossess it, drive uber, or rent it out)
  • If its a significant other (time to break up)
  • If its eating out (Cut Back, Get food stamps, and/or buy food in bulk from Sams/Costco/etc.

Stop Paying your Debts (Prepare for your Credit to Take a NoseDive)

  • I know this is hard to swallow but Trust Me…I was paying $3k a month in Debt…When I stopped, in 6 Months I literally had $12,000 and $3k Credit Line. This money allowed me to invest in Wealth Building Products (Land, Books, Time, Dividend Paying Stocks, Angel Investing on

Take a Free Course about Wealth/Accounting/Investing/Money

Find Land that you can Finance for Payments you can afford

Buy a Book today about building wealth (check reviews/ratings) Recommendation Below:

Purchase a Credit Repair Service

Follow Youtubers whose content is surrounded by Wealth

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