Investments that Build Wealth

2 min readMar 11, 2023

This is not a direct budget but estimates that can be used to create your Blueprint. I know many people get access to Insurance Policies, Lawsuit settlements, and sometimes just Luck in Trading (Ask the Crypto Millionaires in 2021).

Juan Carlos Ramos

This is a Short List of Investments that Build Wealth:

  • Buy Land
  • 4 Unit Investment Property using FHA Loans More info here: (Minimum Credit Score: 500–580)
  • Investments in Wealth/Finance/Credit/Tax training Courses
  • Life Insurance
  • A “Trust”
  • Your own Company
  • Books that focus on Wealth, Money, & Finances
  • Tickets to Events/Conferences with High Net Worth Individuals
  • Get an Offshore Insurance Captive (Google “Captive Insurance”)
  • Basically its your own Insurance Company (as low as $20K), that you can rent out
  • Example: You have a $30k captive people can pay you $100 a month to insure them up to $1000 (this means if a claim is made you will have to pay out $1000) but if a claim is not made after 12 months of monthly payments you have $1200…If a claim is made a way to avoid losing your full $1000 is charge a Deductible. Now Imagine if you have 100 people paying $100 a month thats $100,k a year off of a $30,000 investment. In this situation you would purchase a Reinsurance policy. It is an insurance Policy for your Insurance Captive (in case claims are made over the $30k you have an insurance policy as well).

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