What is Decentralized Credit???

3 min readFeb 23, 2023

This whitepaper addresses a Newly Engineered Credit system utilizing Blockchain Technology. The Current Western Credit System amongst the United States and Latin America is based on several discriminatory factors.

These discriminatory factors include: Race, Age, Zip Code, Address, and oftentimes Fraud.

Millions of People are victims of Fraud and it’s reflected on Credit Reports. It takes about 4–6 months to fully recover from a Disputed Credit Issue.

This length of time can ruin a person’s life for several years to come. I personally was once denied entry into an Apartment community because of a false filing on my credit report. Someone with my same name but different middle name had been using my social security number.

In the United States, a social security number is the identification value used to enforce Credit Scores.

In addition to the high frequency of Fraud, you also have people that borrow money and don’t pay it back. Some people are just bad at paying their debts. Some people are unsavory and dishonest human beings.

The worst case is when children are victims of their parents’ bad financial actions. Many children’s social security numbers are used by the parents and/or relatives with a negative consequence to the child throughout adulthood.

It’s obvious that the Credit System is broken in the United States. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, in 2021 proposed revisions to the current Credit procedures to fix the discrimination within it.

The adoption of Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts has created the tools to fully eliminate discrimination when determining Creditworthiness. This system is referred to as a “Permissionless” Credit System also known as a Trustless Credit System.

Permissionless Credit means someone can receive or give credit without the permission of any third party. We innovated this concept by creating a Brand new Credit system based on Assets, Goodwill, and Cryptocurrency.

For Example: If you have a Good Credit Grade, then you would automatically be approved for a Credit Card or Financial product that has that as a Minimal requirement.

This eliminates any other metric or requirement that can be Set, disputed, or unfairly executed because the smart contract will automatically validate the request based on the applicant’s Credit Grade.

This works the other way around also, if a client has a Poor Credit Grade they will be denied upon application but at least they know what the requirements are to get a good Credit Grade.

The Cryptoshare Credit Grade System is based on an Exact amount of Collateral, Assets, and/or Crypto.

The Cryptoshare Decentralized Blockchain Peer to Peer Permissionless Credit System eliminates all 3rd party tampering and discrimination.




“CryptoShareCredit”. A Decentralized Credit System using Blockchain Technology!