What is Financial Data Science (FinScience) simply explained using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio?!

4 min readJul 30, 2021

Lets not waste anytime!!!

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“FinScience” Financial Data science is the expert study of Finance using Data, Statistics, and Technology.

Financial Data Science is the backbone of Society!

Now if you are still confused here are some fun projects we built to show you exactly some of the things that Financial Data Science Encompasses:

Check out some FinScience applications on our Website!

So to give some deeper insight I have took the time to actually show you a step by step FinScience Project using Microsoft Azure!!!!!!

For my technical heads this is a much more pretentious definition:

“Financial data science, which involves the application of data science to technologically enabled financial innovations (FinTech), often driven by data science itself. We show that one of the most important data science models, correlation networks, can play a significant role in the advancements of Fintech developments.”


Crowdfunding page: Wefunder.com/Cryptoshare

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